Emotional Support and Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is arguably the most innovative treatment for obesity ever invented. Unfortunately, despite its stellar success rate, bariatric surgery comes with its own unique set of challenges — emotional challenges. 

After weight-loss surgery, patients may feel an intense or even infuriating wave of emotions. Although this is normal, it shouldn’t be ignored. To help you understand the emotional challenges that come along with bariatric surgery, Dr. Robert Snow of Snow Bariatric Center details some of the experiences you may run into and how a support network can keep things positive. 

Emotional changes after bariatric surgery

Leading up to bariatric surgery and afterward, you may feel and experience a wide range of emotions and thoughts. Some common experiences after bariatric surgery include: 

On the flip side, other people in your life may feel certain ways about your weight-loss surgery. It’s not uncommon for friends, family, and significant others to feel: 

All of the above feelings can be difficult to navigate, and it may take a while for them to dissipate in yourself and others. 

The importance of a solid support system

When undergoing any major life change, a support system is critical to helping you cope with challenges — this includes weight-loss surgery. Though bariatric surgery can result in profound positive outcomes, it may also result in some unexpected emotional challenges, as detailed above. 

Thus, it’s important to have a solid support network in place before undergoing bariatric surgery. With the right support system, you can tackle emotional challenges head-on and turn the bad to good. For example, supportive people can

As you can see, having friends and family who understand the physical and emotional challenges you’re going through can be the key to successful bariatric surgery. 

To learn more about weight-loss surgery, potential challenges, and the importance of emotional support, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Snow today. Call one of our convenient Texas locations or request an appointment online.  

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