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Ongoing aftercare is critical to our patient's success


We Accept Any True Results Patients in our Aftercare Program

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Bariatric surgery is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. At The Snow Bariatric Center, we believe that ongoing aftercare is critical to our patient’s success. Our patients travel through their weight loss journey with all the support and information that they will need through monthly office visits, consultations with the dietician or psychologist, and communication with our team. Each patient is unique. We will tailor your aftercare program to your specific needs.

Some patients do not require much support after their surgery, but most commonly patients will have a more successful outcome with a structured aftercare program. Different procedures require different aftercare programs. Our team will help you develop better habits and the necessary lifestyle changes for your success. Proper nutrition and exercise are important in all bariatric surgical procedures. Our aftercare program has been recognized as one of the premiere programs in Dallas Fort Worth. We accept patients from other bariatric surgeons throughout the United States. Our aftercare program will help you after surgery to reach the goals you set for a “new you.”


LAP-BAND® Adjustments

The LAP-BAND® system for weight loss surgery is unique in many ways. It is the only reversible bariatric surgical procedure. The LAP-BAND® system is also adjustable. The device is connected to a port that is placed below the skin at the time of surgery. After about 4 weeks post-op, most patients will need some fluid put into the LAP-BAND® system to adjust the size of the opening between the upper portion of the stomach and the area of the LAP-BAND®. This a simple procedure performed in the office either directly or through x-ray guidance. Consistent adjustments to the LAP-BAND® allow patients to keep a full feeling after meals while keeping their portion sizes smaller. Adjustments are the key to success with the LapBand procedure. You will know when you need an adjustment when you get hungrier in between your meals or your portions sizes become larger. The frequency of adjustments varies with each patient. Often, patients feel that the LAP-BAND® system is not working for them. More than likely, these patients need an adjustment to curb their portion size and stop the hunger between meals to lose weight. We do LAP-BAND® adjustments for patients from other programs in the United States and around the World.

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