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Snow Bariatric Center

Robert Snow, DO, FACOS, FASMBS

Bariatric Surgery located in Fort Worth, TX & Flower Mound, TX

Since its invention in 1998, the LAP-BAND® System has provided men and women with a reversible, adjustable option for dramatic weight loss. Robert Snow, DO, FACOS, FASMBS was one of the first surgeons in the United States to perform LAP-BAND placements and has extensive experience training other surgeons in the procedure, as well as, researching it. Dr. Snow continues to provide LAP-BAND to men and women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at Snow Bariatric Center in Fort Worth and Hurst, Texas. To schedule a consultation, call or use the online booking tool today.

Lap-Band Q & A

What is the LAP-BAND® system?


The LAP-BAND System is an adjustable inflatable device that limits how much food you can eat per meal. Using just a few small incisions, Dr. Snow places the LAP-BAND System around the upper part of your stomach. The LAP-BAND creates a small pouch at the top of your stomach, basically dividing your stomach into two separate compartments.

After the procedure, you become full when the smaller upper compartment of your stomach fills up. Then, the food continues to the lower portion of your stomach, and you digest it as you would normally. That means you feel satisfied after eating small portions of food.  

Who is a good candidate for LAP-BAND?

LAP-BAND is an effective procedure for people who have had difficulty losing weight in the past and want a flexible, reversible, minimally invasive bariatric surgery option. Unlike other procedures such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, it doesn’t require removing any part of your stomach or rerouting your digestive system. Further, the system is easily adjustable.

As with other bariatric procedures, LAP-BAND is appropriate if you either have a BMI over 40 or a BMI over 35 alongside obesity-related health concerns, including hypertension and diabetes. LAP-BAND tends to promote slower weight loss than more invasive procedures. With that in mind, whether LAP-BAND is the best option for you depends in part on how urgently you need to lose weight.

What kind of results can I expect from LAP-BAND?

Within a year of LAP-BAND placement, you can expect to lose 40%-60% of your excess weight as long as you follow proper aftercare. As with all bariatric procedures, LAP-BAND is most effective when you make lasting, sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle. Expect to eat a balanced diet involving small portions of food that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

To get the best results, you may need to have your LAP-BAND adjusted multiple times. Dr. Snow may loosen or tighten the band through a port he places under your skin. This process ensures that you experience weight loss benefits from LAP-BAND while still feeling full and satisfied after you eat.

To get more information about the LAP-BAND system, call Snow Bariatric Center or use the online booking tool today.